CryptoCastle Universe is a future-oriented conference that brings together AI, sustainable technology, IoT, blockchain, VR, and AR. 

 The event features engaging presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities, highlighting groundbreaking applications that drive positive change towards a sustainable and connected future. 

Thought leaders and experts converge at the unique CryptoCastle event, shaping an innovative tomorrow driven by sustainability and cutting-edge technologies.


Scaling Good / unDavos

Scaling Up Good + AI in Action + Davos, where we'll explore scaling plans, AI tools like ChatGPT & image AIs, planning for Davos 2024.

æternity Universe Three

If you’re passionate about blockchain and want to learn about how it’s transforming our world, then this event is for you!

CV Labs

CV Labs, an international ecosystem builder of blockchain venture capital firm is changing the way the world works, lives, interacts, and transacts.



Bitcoin Day
by CCS

Women in Web3 Switzerland

House of

Crypto Girls



  • DAO-Governance
  • Security & Privacy
  • DeFi
  • Protocols

Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine & Deep Learning
  • NLP
  • AI for Business and Industry
  • AI Research

Internet of Things

  • Connectivity
  • Interoperability
  • Data collection & processing

Sustainable Technologies

  • Renewable Energy
  • Community Engineering
  • Biohacking
  • Design Thinking

VR and AR

  • Legal & IP
  • Business opportunities
  • SKD Development
  • Marketing




Hourly Agenda


Day 1

August 31

  • æternity Universe
  • AI
  • ₿itcoin Day by CCS

8 am

Arrivals & Breakfast

10 am

Welcome & Roadmap

Customise your own HyperChain

Tackling the Storage Problem – Garbage-collection, Fast Sync and Hyperchains

Generalized account improvements in Ceres

“p2p monitoring” or JS calldata related

12 pm


1 pm

Afternoon Program

Using Aeternity from a commercial perspective

Smart Contract Development on æternity – Tooling Overview

Single-click NFT Marketplace with Governance

3:45 pm

Bitcoin & AI Program

Timestamping elections with Bitcoin

Bitcoin Protocol Advanced

How to preserve wealth and get rich during inflationary cycles

Supercharge Productivity with GenAI

Merging Machine Learning and Blockchain Technologies

6 pm

Networking & Drinks

7 pm


Day 2

September 1

  • AR/VR
  • Security & Privacy
  • DeFi

8 am

Arrivals & Breakfast

10 am


Into AR & VR

The future of XR

La Dolce Fiscale Vita. From the life of a tax advisor in the crypto world.

12 pm


1 pm

Afternoon Program


MiCA Unveiled: Transforming the Global Crypto Landscape and its Implications for Europe’s future position in the industry

“Air Gap” story

About CryptoCastle

Introduction to Papers

Common Ground

Tokens with private balances: Breakthroughs in smart contract technology

6 pm

Networking & Drinks

7 pm


9 pm

Music in the Courtyard

11 pm

Club Party

6 am


Day 3

September 2

  • Unconference
  • CVLabs & WiW3CH
  • Sustainable Tech

8 am

Arrivals & Breakfast

10 am


Agent-based modeling of sustainable technologies

Public management and Smart City

How to raise Money With Token Economy?

12 pm


1 pm


A set of educational workshops on Tokenomics, Blockchain PR and more…

The benefit of accelerators

The benefit of accelerators

6 pm

Networking & Drinks

7 pm


9 pm

Courtyard Performances

11 pm

Club Party

6 am


Frequently Asked Questions

CryptoCastle Universe is taking place during August 31 - September 2, 2023!

The check-in and check-out for the accommodation at the CryptoCastle, dates and hours are - August 31st · 8 am - September 3rd · 3 pm CEST.

The event will occur in Germany (the nearest City, Halle), in the CryptoCastle, historically named Schloss Burgscheidungen. The address is: Schloßbergstraße 56, 06636 Laucha an der Unstrut, Germany. For the GPS location, check

The CryptoCastle in Germany is the place to be for Blockchain, AI, IoT, and sustainable technology events & communities. This location is dedicated to those wanting to immerse themselves in the vibrant tech community and retreat from the city.

CryptoCastle Universe is a prodigious conference that brings together and combines the transformative forces of AI, sustainable technology, IoT, blockchain, VR, and AR. Step into a realm where cutting-edge technologies converge to shape a future driven by innovation and sustainability and join us on a journey of exploration, collaboration, and inspiration as we unlock the immense potential of these pillars within the decentralized universe.

It is time to unleash the power of emerging technologies - CryptoCastle Universe serves as a gathering of visionaries, tech pioneers, and thought leaders who are spearheading the revolution of AI, sustainable technology, IoT, blockchain, VR, and AR. Powered by the support of our esteemed partners, this event will unravel the infinite possibilities and real-world applications of these transformative technologies.

CryptoCastle Universe Focus:

  1. AI Advancements. Immerse yourself in the latest developments in artificial intelligence and discover how AI is revolutionizing industries, enabling automation, and driving innovation in areas such as healthcare, finance, and smart cities. At the conference, you’ll have a unique opportunity to engage leading experts and explore the frontiers of AI research and applications.

  2. Sustainable Technology Showcase. CryptoCastle Universe will showcase groundbreaking sustainable technologies that pave the way for a greener future. From renewable energy solutions to eco-friendly IoT devices and sustainable infrastructure, the intersection of technology and environmental consciousness will be explored and attendees will be in a position to learn how sustainable tech can mitigate climate change and promote a more sustainable world.

  3. IoT Innovations. Dive into the world of IoT, witness its impact on connectivity and efficiency, and explore the myriad applications of IoT, from smart homes to industrial automation. Listen to industry thought-leaders share their insights and explore how harnessing the power of IoT will drive digital transformation and create a connected ecosystem.

  4. Blockchain Revolution. Dive into the decentralized world of blockchain and explore its potential to disrupt industries. Gain insights into blockchain use cases, such as supply chain transparency, decentralized finance (DeFi), and digital identity and discover how blockchain technology is fostering trust, security, and innovation across multiple sectors.

  5. VR & AR Exploration. Embark on a virtual journey into the realms of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Experience immersive demos, interact with cutting-edge VR/AR technologies, and witness the future of entertainment, education, and immersive storytelling.

The CryptoCastle Universe is committed to championing sustainability as its core principle. The event will prioritize eco-friendly practices, including minimizing waste, promoting digital resources, and offsetting carbon footprint. By embracing sustainable technology and highlighting its potential, the CryptoCastle Universe inspires others to take meaningful action for a greener future.

The closest way to arrive by public transport is by train. The nearest train station near the CryptoCastle is named Kirchscheidungen and is 30min away walking distance, or a 3km drive. For the GPS location of the train station, check


By Bus:

We recommend taking the FlixBus at 07:40AM from Berlin (Central bus station) that arrives to Leipzig (Central Station) at 09:50AM, as your first leg of the journey. From Leipzig, you have two options to reach us, or CryptoCastle transfer (available at 10:10AM) from Leipzig Central Station: either take the train to Kirchscheidungen station. Evening CryptoCastle transfer RETURN to Leipzig leaving the castle at 00:50 AM that is connected to the FlixBus available at 02:20AM from Berlin. Please secure your tickets for the FlixBus in advance.

FLIX BUS: Destination- Leipzig (Central Station)


Time: 7:40 AM (Always check times)

Price: €9-11

Drop-off point: Leipzig (Central Station) around 09:50 AM

Book your own ticket HERE

*At Leipzig (Central Station) please contact CryptoCastle transfer

*Morning CryptoCastle transfer PICKUP from Leipzig only at 10:10 AM

*Evening CryptoCastle transfer RETURN to Leipzig leaving the castle at 00:50 AM ( next day)

To book the transfer, simply sign to the telegram group here Please note that available seats are limited, so we encourage you to hurry and secure your spot.


By Train:

Embark on a picturesque train journey from Berlin (Airport/main station) to Naumburg, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of this fascinating region. Along the way, you'll be treated to enchanting sights such as vineyards and old castles that we highly recommend exploring. From Naumburg, continue your train journey to Kirchscheidungen. Once you arrive at Kirchscheidungen, you have the option to either take a taxi or enjoy a leisurely 30-minute walk to reach Burgscheidungen Castle.

If you wish to proceed directly to CryptoCastle from a train station, board a train with the final destination of Leipzig and book the transfer to CryptoCastle. To secure your transfer, please sign to the telegram group here Act quickly, as seats are limited and in high demand. See the train route and tickets here:


By Taxi

Below is the average cost of taxi services from Leipzig main station/Airport, Halle (Saale), Naumburg, and Kirchscheidungen to the CryptoCastle. The average price for taxi service is:


  1. Halle (Saale) → Castle: € 110-115

  2. Leipzig-Halle airport/Main Station → Castle: € 85-115

  3. Naumburg → Castle: € 50-55

  4. Kirchscheidungen → Castle: € 8-10


By Car

Parking spaces in the Castle courtyard are limited. To book a spot, please get in touch with and communicate your name, car plate number, date, and hour of arrival and departure. Parking at the venue is free, but charging the electric cars has a fee. You can also park around the Castle within a few minutes walking distance.

We hope you have a fantastic journey, whichever mode of transportation you choose!

Discover Your Ideal Accommodation Options at the Event Venue:

We are thrilled to present a curated list of exquisite accommodation options available right at the heart of the event venue. Immerse yourself fully in the event's atmosphere by choosing from our carefully selected on-site accommodations.


  1. Accommodation in the CryptoCastle:

For the conference, we propose a room in the CryptoCastle as part of the regal experience for the ticket Infinity Pass.


  1. Accommodation on the CryptoCastle venue, in the Guest House:

Experience the perfect accommodation at the heart of the event venue. Choose from a range of fantastic options available to suit your preferences.

Stay right on-site at the Guest House building within the CryptoCastle venue for a remarkably affordable rate of just 35 EUR/night. This charming historical restaurant and hotel, boasting 10 rooms, has been welcoming tourists visiting the ancient castle for decades.

Indulge in the event's vibrant atmosphere by selecting one of our carefully curated on-site accommodations, tailored to fit everyone's budget! Whether you're seeking comfort, convenience, or a touch of history, our accommodations have it all. Don't miss this opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the magic of the event while enjoying top-notch hospitality.

For a seamless booking experience and comprehensive information about room availability, capacity, and facilities, we encourage you to get in touch with us at Our dedicated team will be delighted to assist you with any inquiries you may have.


  1. FREE camping experience or Glamping Tipis accommodation

We have a special treat for you - a FREE camping area located right within the castle venue. Embrace the beauty of nature as you wake up to breathtaking views of the baroque gardens, creating the perfect setting for unforgettable sunsets and sunrises. 

Our camping area not only provides a serene camping experience but also offers a delightful glamping tipis option for those seeking extra comfort. For just 50 EUR/night per person, you can indulge in the luxurious glamping experience. We offer a variety of 3 glamping tipis that can accommodate 2, 4, or 6 people in total, ensuring a cozy and intimate stay for you and your group.

These tipis are thoughtfully equipped with all the necessary comforts, including soft blankets, plush pillows, and fresh sheets to ensure you enjoy a restful sleep amidst the serenity of nature. What's more, the castle provides numerous public showers and bathrooms, allowing you to refresh at any time throughout your stay.

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural splendor of the CryptoCastle Universe event. Book your spot in the camping area or reserve a glamping tipi, getting in touch with us at, and create cherished memories as you become one with the majestic surroundings of the castle and its picturesque gardens."

We also offer FREE Camping in a beautiful area surrounding the Castle, where you can bring your own tent and enjoy nature. We invite everyone to embrace the comfort of nature and camp. The camping area will have toilets and showers inside the Castle. 

For a seamless booking experience and comprehensive information about room availability, capacity, and facilities, we encourage you to get in touch with us at Our dedicated team will be delighted to assist you with any inquiries you may have.


  1. Accommodation on the CryptoCastle venue, for students:

Are you a student and don't have a tent for the FREE Camping area? We have an option available for you – a single bed located in a shared room at CryptoCastle for just 15 EUR/night. All facilities, such as bathrooms and WC, are available in the castle's common areas. For booking get in touch with us at

Please note:

Check-in times to the Castle are only possible from Friday to Saturday between 8 am and 22 pm. Plan your arrival hour carefully.

Yes, there is a registration fee for the conference and party. To buy a ticket, visit the Eventbrite. The price of the ticket depends on the day of acquisition, therefore:

Overview Ticket:

General admission Ticket:

Late Bird ticket:

1-day ticket - either Fri, or Sat

Includes access for 1 day of event.

1-day pass - price €100.00

1-day pass - price €125.00

Sales start on Aug 18, 2023

2-day ticket - Fri-Sat

Includes access for 2 days of event.

2-day pass - price €175.00

2-day pass - price €210.00

Sales start on Aug 18, 2023

Unconference Ticket

Includes access for 2 September, 2023

Unconference Ticket €30

Unconference Ticket €30


  • Access to 2 days CryptoCastle Universe

  • All drinks and meals included

  • Accommodation at the CryptoCastle

  • Access to the SPA area

  • Operational support

  • Front seat chair for the conference

Infinity Pass Ticket - price €1000.00

Infinity Pass Ticket - price €1000.00

Sales ends on Aug 31, 2023.


Book the tickets now:

1-day pass: 

2-day pass:


For the general admission the accommodation at the CryptoCastle is not included. To book an accommodation, send a request to

The ticket includes:

  • Conference fee

  • Party fee

  • Free camping in CryptoCastle Gardens with facilities of bathrooms and WC included.

  • The accommodation at the venue - CryptoCastle or Guest House, is not included.

The shuttle bus will be provided from Leipzig. We recommend taking the FlixBus at 07:40AM from Berlin (Central bus station) that arrives to Leipzig (Central Station) at 09:15AM, as your first leg of the journey. From Leipzig, you have two options to reach us, or the CryptoCastle Van transfer - available at 09:30 from Leipzig Central Station: either take the train to Kirchscheidungen station and then walk to us.

To book the transfer, simply send a request to or sign to the telegram group here Please note that available seats are limited, so we encourage you to hurry and secure your spot.

Attention! Payments during the event are made exclusively in Cryptocurrency.

Check if your wallet is compatible with AE coins or get a compatible one; for more information regarding AE coins, check


Two chefs will be present on-site during the whole event; Vegan/vegetarian options will be provided too.

During event we will provide 3 meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For the attendees who booked Infinity ticket pass, that includes the accommodation at the CryptoCastle too, meals are included in ticket price.


Non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, will be sold separately at designated bars curated by “Juicy”. For the attendees who booked Infinity ticket pass, the drinks are included in the ticket price.


We also provide 24/7 vending snack machines that will accept crypto payments.

For the purchase of cryptos in the vending machines, the clients must have or open an account in the AE coins compatible wallet to eventually take their funds to the SuperHero wallet App. So far, the company will accept crypto payments in AE token coins.

Join our community group on telegram and Stay Up to Date about the CryptoCastle activities, attendees, and the CryptoCastle University updates!

Here is a no-refund policy in place. However, should the event get canceled due to a force majeure, you will be entitled to reuse your ticket for a future event or will be granted a complete refund.

Please be supportive of each other and attentive to each other's needs. This event has been built with tolerance, inclusion, and safety in mind just as much as with æternity blockchain & the future of blockchain technology. There will be zero tolerance for hate speech or violence.

Be mindful of waste; pick up after yourself; protect the Earth - bring your own cup/water bottle. If you smoke — use a portable ashtray.

Water bottle and a cup — be sustainable;

A yoga mat is advised should you wish to relax in the nurturing environment of the CryptoCastle;

Bug spray;

Warm clothes and sleeping bags are advised;

Towel and clothes for the SPA area.

Organic personal hygiene products.

Contact us

to participate in CryptoCastle Universe!



Schloßbergstraße 56, 06636 Laucha an der Unstrut, Germany


Club21 GmbH

Schloss Burgscheidungen

Schlossbergstrasse 56,

06636, Laucha an der Unstrut OT Burgscheidungen

HRB 39216-Club21 GmbH

Steuernummer 119/107/13045

USt.-IdNr.: DE346073331


Geschäftsführer: Hristo Atanasov

Bank: Volksbank Mittweida eG

IBAN: DE22 8709 6124 0197 1695 24


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