a regal home for cypherpunks

Welcome to the CryptoCastle in Germany – the place to be for Blockchain, AI and IoT. Become a part of our growing community and join our projects to bring more innovation into this magnificent historic building.


Visit one of the events or book the whole castle for your own event!


Dive into the world of innovation and technology at our premier tech conference, where ideas and advancements come to life.


Serene realm of PACIFORIA, where mysticism and tangible beauty converge in a celebration that embraces a peaceful way of living.


An unforgettable music and art festival, featuring a dynamic lineup of artists, musicians, and interactive creative experiences

We are offering:

Unique Location
for Exclusive Events

From small parties to large conferences and symposiums - a private castle all for you. Let us bring your event to life within historic walls of over a 1000 years old.

Club21 - Membership

Together with Berlin influencers, and impulses from the international blockchain community, the CryptoCastle has transformed from a forgotten relic into a smart castle that is reshaping the future.

Residency for Artists
and Digital Nomads

We welcome talented people who are willing to spend time in the castle creating, innovating, building, contributing.


CryptoCastle is the ideal spot for a Dedicated Hackers Lab and Development Studio utilizing blockchain technology.

Leadership workshops
and retreats

Organizing anything from long getaways for team building to business conferences or even festivals has never been easier!

Tokenized Historic
Real Estate

This project will be a live test of previously theorised new governance models by actively involving the community of token holders in a community for future living.

Immerse yourself into a Royal Life...

CryptoCastle stays can be booked from 3 hours (for meetings) up to 3 months for those wanting to immerse themselves in the vibrant tech community and retreat from the city. An an on-site chef and program of activities will ensure you and your guests stay fully entertained throughout the experience.

Connecting high tech with the ancient history

The CryptoCastle of Burgscheidungen is a unique architectural example for both the region and all of Germany. It features a combination of baroque and renaissance styles and is one of the oldest ( over 1000 years)  and well preserved baroque secular buildings in the Thuringian and Saxon-Anhalt region.


"Any CryptoCastle event is worth while attending if you are a crypto fan. It’s so unique, intimate, fun and flooded with history. Mix that with activities, interesting bedrooms, enlightening conversations, great speakers and an epic castle party at night, well….. you have the recipe for the perfect crypto conference!"
Josh / Vaultoro
"The events at the CryptoCastle are awesome - I'll definitely be back!"
Andreas Busch / IT Dienstleister Essen
"The Citadel combines bitcoiners, with super know-how, an atmosphere of optimism and a great party. Must-go event."
Alex von Frankenberg
"NomadDays was a great opportunity to network with both aspiring and experienced digital nomads. A pleasure to the eyes and the mind, as the scenery is fantastic and the talks insightful. The event shirt rocks too."
Francisco Litvay / COO Settee


Research + Educate + Build = CHANGE.

Our Vision

We believe that through research, education, and innovation, we can make a positive impact on the world and help to address some of the most pressing challenges facing society today.

“Our aim at the CryptoCastle is to create a world that just works for everyone.”
Yanislav / Founder