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A conference that explores the future of AI, sustainable tech, IoT, blockchain, VR, and AR with leading experts at the CryptoCastle.

æternity Universe Three

If you’re passionate about blockchain and want to learn about how it’s transforming our world, then this event is for you!

Scaling Good / unDavos

Scaling Up Good + AI in Action + Davos, where we'll explore scaling plans, AI tools like ChatGPT & image AIs, planning for Davos 2024.

Previous Events

26-28 august 2022

The enterpreneurs Congress for Perpetual Traveling, Travel Hacking, Insurance Solutions, Taxes, Deregistration & investment

15-18 september 2022

Meet hundreds of Blockchain Developers, Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Designers and Enthusiasts…

september 2022

The cannabis industry is without a doubt one of the fastest growing and most promising industries of the 21st century.

Stay at the CryptoCastle while learning about æternity, exploring Sophia Smart Contract development and showing us how your skills! 

Immersive journey is based on two areas, knowledge and celebration, professionally guided by our community of healers, teachers, local and international artists.

… and more!